Planning the Journey – The Roadmap

Right, so I’ve laid out some fairly lofty goals in my opening post. Basically, I intend to do no less than reverse the tide of time and become 18 again (in physical terms, mentally I quite like where I currently am, thank you very much…). So where and how would I start going about that?

Strength and Conditioning

As a family man with a full time job, time is of these essence. So there isn’t time for extended 5 hour cycling tours or 2 hours in the gym pumping iron, I need efficiency. Therefore, my major training modus operandi will be high intensity (interval) training, commonly known as HIT or HIIT. I will mainly put my own workouts together, and tinker and change them up until they are the perfect blend of efficiency, effectiveness and (yes, also) fun.


My background in martial arts has equipped me with an above average flexibility, however I have not given flexibility the focus it deserves in recent years. My weapon of choice to remedy this is Yoga. I am a complete newbie at this and will thus strictly follow the instructions of my (virtual) instructor: Tara Stiles.

My joint mobility deficiency is mainly concentrated around my ankle area (according to my own self-diagnosis), so in addition to practicing yoga, I’ll try and focus specifically on improving the range of motion of my ankle joints.


I have zero intention of going on any fad diets, or any diet at all. Rather, I just want to be more selective about the things that go into my body, to eat and drink clean. Don’t expect any calorie counting or such practices here, just as you won’t find me condemning fat, or carbs, or XYZ, but do expect to find out why I do eat what I do, and then judge for yourself!

Ok, so this is the outline of how I want to go about this lofty goal, you can call this my map to the destination Fit2Function-Ville. Let’s see if it will lead me there!