What is the Journey about?

I like to think of myself as having been a relatively active teenager: a black belt in TaeKwon-Do, captain of my school’s swimming team, and also a member of various other school teams such as football and volleyball (with varying degrees of success). I’ve always liked good food, and there is no better place for such than Singapore, so even in those days I was hardly carved out like your average Greek statue, but fit and content with my abilities and the level I could perform at.

Fast forward 15 years, and a few things have changed. It’s been close to 10 years since I last practiced TaeKwon-Do with any seriousness. It’s been almost 8 years since I started working a desk job. And it’s soon coming to two years that I became a father…so the only thing that hasn’t changed is that I still love good food.

As much as I have tried to stem the tide (I haven’t gone full couch potato), this gradual lifestyle shift has left its marks. I’m a good 5-7kg above ideal weight, I can’t run for longer than 10-15 minutes without my knees yelling at me to stop, I’ve lost significant mobility and flexibility across multiple joints and planes of motion…the list goes on.

I could throw in the towel and accept that life’s priorities have changed – or that leaving bum prints on my couch for the next generation is the more worthy goal to pursue – but that’s not my style. Instead, I intend to tackle the problem(s) head on:

  1. Lose some (dead) weight
  2. Regain previously lost levels of flexibility and joint mobility
  3. Work out any issues that prevent me from moving as I wish (e.g. knee pain on jogging)
  4. Increase endurance, resilience, balance and coordination, speed, strength and overall energy levels
  5. Eat right, eat clean

Simply losing weight is easy, just bring a good book and hit the cardio equipment for literally hours, several times a week. That would be a fairly lame journey to document!

The combination of all five goals however will require a more holistic and also individualistic approach. So that is what you will find here: my trials and errors, using myself as the guinea pig, on my path to reversing the effects of the last 15 years and attaining peak “everyday fitness”, and through this journey becoming fit to function.