The End of the First Week

Let me take a quick look back on my first week, both in terms of my journey to functional fitness as well as blogging about it (or anything for that matter). Clearly there are still major improvements required in both areas:

The Journey

I’ve started fairly well (as is often the case when one sets goals or resolutions), threw myself into the yoga practice, and also got a few HIIT workout sessions in. I think if I can keep this going for one month straight, never going more than 2 consecutive days without one or the other form of workout, I should be very well able to fully incorporate working out into my daily routine, like eating and sleeping. And once you get a routine like that going, and physically cannot bear the thought and the feeling of not moving and working up a sweat for several days, results will invariably follow.

On the nutrition side of things, unfortunately I have not been as dedicated or got off to a good start. Way too much sweets (the goal is zero!), as well as white bread (damn you, delicious croissants!) was consumed in this week. There have of course been some positive changes implemented already, such as my daily fruit smoothie, and eating more low fat dairy products, but more discipline and better planning is definitely still required in this area.


I definitely have yet to find a proper direction and style for my posts in order to make this blog even slightly interesting. My first week of ramblings read more like a diary than anything of informative value, though I have been told that I will invariably develop a personal “style” the more I ramble on. So let’s see where this goes, appreciate any feedback or pointers!

Day 4 – first steps in the right direction

Time to take stock on the first few days:

Strength and conditioning

Started full of enthusiasm on the first day, headed out to the park with a few buddies and got straight into the HIIT. We did 10 rounds of 7 pull-ups, 7 sit-ups and 2x 40m shuttle runs, in a total time of under 20 minutes. A good start.

Work induced two days of no workout followed, but on Wednesday I kinda made up for it with a session of several runs (400 and 800m runs), plus pull-ups and squats. More pull-ups and push-ups were added today.


Been quite good in this respect, did my daily morning yoga for three days in a row, only skipped today. No visible improvements to note yet (obviously), but loving the energizing effects that a morning workout routine has on me. Perhaps these morning workouts, once they have fully infused themselves into my daily routine, may even help me improve those typical post lunch productivity dips that I suffer from (especially in post lunch meetings :S). That would be a very nice and unexpected side effect.


In this regard I must shamefully admit not to have made any noteworthy positive improvements yet (with the exception of eating more fruit), so I do need to step up my game here. I’ve heard various people saying that “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”, and while my main objective is neither to bulk up like a bodybuilder or train for only for looks like a movie star preparing for a role, losing some body fat – specifically around thebelly area – is key for long term health and fitness increases and benefits. So definitely some more conscious choices and also some restrictions will need to be enforced more rigorously asap.

Day 3 – resistance has been futile 

In spite of my resolution and generally ok self discipline, I have always had a big weakness resisting sweets and junk food when it’s laid out right in front of me. I can easily waltz through the candy filled supermarket aisles and not cave to the delicious evilness stacked in the shelves, but once some sweets or chips find their way into my home (and that unfortunately happens from time to time, usually when someone else has brought them there), resistance is futile. Not sure if this is remnant of my terribly unhealthy years as an overweight (no surprises there!) primary school kid, but that’s just the way it is.

So imagine my delight and at the same time disgust at finding myself for three straight days at a training centre (for a work gig) with free sweets at the coffee machines. Even my best attempts could not keep me from deviating from my journey’s path a few times and chucking down a bounty bar or some gummy bears…oh the shame! :S

That said, I am convinced that knowledge and acknowledgment of these bad habits is the first step to rectifying them, and thus I have already put those missteps behind me and journey on!

Day 1 – Starting it Right

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) – and other well respected nutritional science bodies as well – recommends an intake of 5 “servings” of fruits and vegetables per day, and I’ve definitely been coming up short in that department in recent weeks, hell, months even. So changing that is my first order of the day, and what better way to start up your Sunday than with a nice big fresh fruit smoothie.

Had a good handful of strawberries, a banana and a pear, sprinkled with lime juice and topped off with a few mint leaves, all nicely blended to a large glass of goodness!